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Broken kernels are chick peas pieces which occur by splitting of chick peas kernels into 2 or more pieces and which stays on a 5 mm round hole sieve after sieving. Foreign matters
are all kind of material present in or between the chick peas kernels which are different from chick peas and visible by naked eye. Foreign matters include other classes of chick peas, other grains and seeds, ergot, mineral matter, stones and earth pellets, excreta and other matter than chick peas which remain on the sieve. Other type kernels include kernels with types which are not specified on the packing.
» Size B (large) grains are kernels passing from round hole sieve with 9mm core diameter but staying on round hole sieve with core diameter 8mm (29-30 calibre). Spoilt kernels include whole or split chick peas which are mouldy, decayed, stained, lost its characteristic colour, taste and smell, sprouted, holed or eaten by insects or other pests to the level that can be seen with naked eye and also unmatured green chick peas kernels or pieces.

Nbroken: 1% Max
Split: 2% Max
Worm Biten: 1% Max
Aborted: 1% Max
Damage: 2% Max
Foreign Matter: 1% Max
Moisture: 7-10% Max

Packing: 10 Kg, 25 Kg, 40 Kg & 50 Kg ,as per buyer requirement